Distinguish Yourself as a General Dentist

Show your lifelong commitment to exceptional oral care by pursuing your AGD Fellowship or Mastership Award. These prestigious awards show you have seized the opportunity to expand your clinical knowledge and enhance how you care for your patients. 

Committing to lifelong excellence means:

  • Professional Recognition: AGD Fellows and Masters are recognized throughout the profession as dentists who go above and beyond to ensure they learn the most current and cutting-edge technologies and procedures to provide exceptional oral care. 
  • Patient Retention: Because of their commitment to lifelong learning, AGD Fellows and Masters make patient treatment decisions based on current evidence-based protocols combined with sound clinical judgment. Through the knowledge you amass an award recipient, your commitment to your patients' oral health will be evident in the level of care you provide. 
  • Camaraderie: By regularly taking part in local and national continuing education events, AGD Fellows and Masters meet like-minded colleagues who are equally dedicated and share the passion to always excel. Sharing these educational experiences helps you form a network of local and national resources who will help you in your day-to-day practice. 
  • Leadership: Commitment to learning shows. By taking part in local and national educational events, AGD Fellows and Masters stay abreast of current topics and have the opportunities to share their voice in local and national conversations regarding the dental profession, or join educational institutions as adjunct or full-time faculty members. 

Members who have achieved AGD Fellowship can continue on to receive the AGD Mastership Award. Members can then go on to earn Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition (LLSR). With this recognition, AGD recognized Masters' commitment to lifelong learning and giving back to both organized dentistry and their communities. 

AGD Fellow, Masters and LLSR recipients are recognized annually during the AGD Convocation Ceremony, which is held during AGD's Scientific Session. Recipients of the following AGD Awards are recognized during AGD's Scientific Session or the AGD Annual Meeting: The Albert L. Borish Award, Distinguished Service Award, Humanitarian Award and Dr. Thaddeus V. Weclew Award

Stand out through continuing education. Get started today! 

"I set a goal to get my Fellowship Award five years after graduation. Achieving my goals is important to me, and AGD set forth a clear path toward that goal, which led me to receive my Mastership Award as well."

Kay Jordan, DDS, MAGD
Marrero, LA
Member since 1999

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