The Academy of General Dentistry’s (AGD) Constituent Administrative Development (CADI) Program is a grant for constituents/regions with less than 800 (799 and below) members. The grant’s purpose is to support membership development and continuing education (CE) programming at the Constituent level.

The immediate goal of the CADI program is to bridge the funding gap that prevents acquisition of an administrative assistant on a part-time or full-time basis to provide administrative services to their respective constituent/region.

The intended long-term outcome is for the improved programming, communications, etc. that will create sustainable revenue that will support permanent paid staff support, resulting in a virtuous cycle and become a virtuous cycle of growth and member value.

The CADI program will fund two constituents/regions, up to $8,000 each per calendar year.


Preference is given to constituents/regions that do not have paid staff or have only limited staff and need additional administrative support. The CADI grant is a long-term investment by AGD to support constituents and region and recipients must commit to two years to provide enough time for the program to have an impact.

Grant recipients are primarily expected to use the funding for administrative support. This additional help will aid the constituent’s efforts in areas such as:

  • Membership recruitment and retention programs
  • CE Programs
  • Build FellowTrack and/or MasterTrack programs
  • Develop online content
  • Membership newsletters
  • Membership surveys
  • Solicit speakers and sponsors to make your CE more successful
  • Development and implement social media campaigns
  • Communicate member benefits and other resources on social media platforms.
  • Room rental, AV and/or food or beverages for CE events

Success could be measured in terms of membership growth, generation of additional non-dues revenue, successful volunteer recruitment for open positions, increased attendance, improved member engagement, etc., so that the cost of additional staff support is self-sustaining and lays the groundwork for continued success.

Application Process

To apply, please submit this form and an explanation on why the CADI grant is needed and submit it to the constituents/regions Regional Director by February 5, 2024. Awardees will be notified via email by their Regional Director by early March 2024.

The CADI program will fund at least two constituents/regions, up to a maximum of $8,000 each year. Only one grant per constituent/region may be awarded during that 2-year program commitment.

Submissions are Now Closed

Constituent grant recipients are required to submit a progress report of activities within the first year of the program and a final summary after the completion of the second year of the program. The report should include a description of the activities and details of the funds utilized.

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