Nominate Your Constituent for AGD Awards

Does your constituent have what it takes to win an AGD award? Download the Universal Award Application, and nominate your constituent today! Contact the Constituent Services Team at if you have questions.

Advocacy Achievement Award

This award recognizes constituents’ outstanding achievements and efforts in advocacy*. Recipients earn $1,000 and are honored during AGD’s annual meeting. 

*In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by a number of successful legislative/regulatory initiatives. Further ties will be broken by rating the successful initiative as matched to AGD’s Council on Legislative & Governmental Affairs’ legislative/regulatory priorities.

Note: Points earned for the Advocacy Achievement Award are determined by the Council on Legislative & Governmental Affairs.

Membership Award

The Membership Award honors AGD constituents who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their recruitment and retention efforts. There are six size-based constituent categories that are recognized during AGD’s annual meeting and that are presented with a $1,000 award, to be applied to future recruitment and retention activities.

Note: Points are awarded based on the documentation provided. Documentation is required for any activity listed. This would include promotional material and/or list of activities and number of members recruited. While scoring, five to 20 points are awarded by the Council on Membership based on the complexity of each activity.

ACE Award 

The ACE Award recognizes excellence in constituent newsletter publishing in six size categories, as well as the Most Improved Newsletter and Best Constituent Website.

Note: Points earned for the ACE Award are determined by AGD’s Communications Council.

Public Information Award

The Public Information Award recognizes excellence in public information achievements that have increased awareness of dental health issues and raised visibility for general dentistry, AGD and its members.

Note: Points earned for the Public Information Award are determined by AGD's Communications Council.

Continuing Education Award of Excellence

The Continuing Education Award of Excellence recognizes exemplary CE programs throughout a state. It acknowledges constituents that have provided multiple CE opportunities through direct training or approved local program providers, and that have encouraged participation in AGD Fellowship and Mastership programs.

Note: Points earned for the CE Award of Excellence are determined by AGD’s Council on Dental Education.

Constituent of the Year Award 

The Constituent of the Year Award recognizes AGD constituents who display strengths in every area of constituent activity representation, governance and administration, CE, communication, membership and public information.

Note: Constituents seeking to be named AGD’s Constituent of the Year should complete Sections A through F of the Universal Award Application to be eligible for this award. Not all items in Sections A through E must be completed; partial completion is acceptable.

Points earned for the Constituent of the Year Award are determined by AGD’s regional directors.