Prepare for the Fellowship Exam

You can register to attend a two-day AGD Fellowship Review Course, which features speakers from AGD Region 17. It is offered annually during the AGD Scientific Session and at various locations in the fall. Attendees may register to sit for the AGD Fellowship Exam on the day immediately following the review course. Included in your registration for the course, attendees will be provided a complimentary copy of the current online study guide and a link to the course materials.

Premium Plus members receive a 20% discount on the Fellowship Review Course. Need a little extra help studying for the Fellowship Exam beyond the Fellowship Review Course? Our Study Guides are a great aid in helping you prepare for the exam. Check out our products page to see the variety of study guides available. Premium Plus members receive a 20% discount on Fellowship Exam Study Guides

Fellowship Exam

The AGD Fellowship Exam is a four hour, 252 question multiple choice test emphasizing clinical applications of accepted dental knowledge, techniques, and procedures. The Fellowship Exam is offered in paper and pencil form the day after the review course. The Fellowship Exam fee is a separate fee from the course registration fee. 

For more information on the Fellowship Exam and the computerized version can go to

Disclaimer: The Fellowship Review Course is a review of currently accepted knowledge, techniques and practices in general dentistry. Taking this course does not guarantee that a member will pass the exam. 

The content of the Fellowship Exam is held in strictest confidence, and as such, information regarding the overall content of the exam will not be released during the review course or to the course speakers. 

Candidates may refresh their knowledge of basic clinical information in the 17 areas of general dentistry covered in the exam by attending the review course. Candidates are expected to draw on their own practical experiences as they take the AGD Fellowship Exam.