2023 Annual Appeal

The AGD Foundation is excited to announce its 2022 Annual Appeal has begun. 

With the increasing incidence of HPV-related oral and oropharyngeal cancer, the work of the Foundation is critical. By investing in the AGD Foundation, you help grow its cornerstone programs and expand its reach. 

It hopes to raise $250,000 to:

  • Develop and create easily accessible oral and oropharyngeal cancer educational resources for dentists, physicians, public health departments, schools, and more.
  • Fund proactive oral cancer screening events throughout the United States
  • Increase annual grants awarded to AGD constituents and other organizations to fund oral and oropharyngeal cancer awareness and early detection programs

We invite you to join your colleagues in supporting this effort.

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Please know that all commitments, at any level, are appreciated and will be recognized.

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You can mail your donation to:

AGD Foundation
136 Everett Road
Albany, NY 12205

Meet our Annual Appeal Task Force

Please contact AGDF@adgcommunications.com, with any questions or if you would like to learn more about ways to get involved in our fundraising efforts.

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Every aspect of the AGD Foundation’s growth and outreach depends on donations from you. Your contribution will help support AGD Foundation outreach programs and improve access to care for those in need.

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