2020 Annual Appeal

The AGD Foundation conducted its 2020 Annual Appeal to ensure we are well-positioned to continue meeting the needs of AGD members, our patients, and our communities. By investing in the AGD Foundation, you help grow our cornerstone programs and projects: providing educational resources and grants to fight oral and oropharyngeal cancer. Looking to the future, with the increasing incidence of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer, we know the role of the Foundation will only grow more critical. 

We invite you to join your colleagues in supporting this effort.

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To guide us as we embark on this fundraising effort, the AGD Foundation Board of Directors elected to conduct a comprehensive Planning and Feasibility Study. We learned a great deal through this process, with the majority of input being overwhelmingly complimentary of the Foundation taking this proactive step. The Study demonstrated that the Foundation's mission is meaningful to AGD members and the case for support, with a specific focus on education, is particularly appealing. The Study also affirmed that AGD members are interested in helping the Foundation succeed by providing leadership and financial support to elevate its impact.  

Please click here to review an Executive Summary of the Study's outcomes.

Please contact AGDF@adgcommunications.com, with any questions or if you would like to learn more about ways to get involved in our fundraising efforts.

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