Celebrating 50 Years of the AGD Foundation

Since 1972, the Foundation has been committed to serving AGD members and the general dentistry community. 50 years later, we continue to strive towards our philanthropic goals and provide opportunities for dentists to get involved.

In our 50 years, we have hosted free oral cancer screening events and challenges, recruited hundreds of volunteers, awarded dozens of grants and developed resources and materials for dentists to use in their practice.

But, we still have much more work to do. Oral and oropharyngeal cancer cases continue to rise, and people continue to lose their lives to this terrible disease. We firmly believe that dentists CAN make a difference in this outcome.

Too often, oral/oropharyngeal cancer is detected too late, leading to deforming or deadly consequences. You can help detect the disease in its early stages by performing oral cancer screenings during routine dental visits. By doing this, you can increase the oral cancer survival rate.

Please join us in celebrating our 50th anniversary by contributing financially to the cause of oral and oropharyngeal cancer awareness, prevention, and early detection.

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Please know that all commitments, at any level, are appreciated and will be recognized.

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Please contact AGDF@adgcommunications.com with any questions or if you would like to learn more about ways to get involved in our fundraising efforts.

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Every aspect of the AGD Foundation’s growth and outreach depends on donations from you. Your contribution will help support AGD Foundation outreach programs and improve access to care for those in need.

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