Education pertaining to a sense of beauty. Cosmetic Dentistry includes a variety of dental treatments aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth and overall smile.

Topics may include:

  • Tooth whitening/bleaching
    Education regarding at home or in office techniques to use lasers, bleach or other materials to remove stains or other discoloration from the tooth surface.
  • The science of color
    Principles of color, shade matching; tooth color selection, staining procedures to improve esthetics of restorations and restoration matching.
  • Esthetic diagnosis and treatment planning of the dentition
    Topics regarding the systematic approaches to designing a treatment plan taking into account the esthetic features of the smile; i.e.: facially generated treatment planning.
  • Esthetic diagnosis and treatment of intraoral soft tissues
    The systematic approach to designing a treatment plan to improve the esthetics of the gingival or other intraoral soft tissue to enhance the esthetics of one’s smile.  Gingival analysis and therapies to improve esthetics – esthetic crown lengthening, surgical root coverage therapies for esthetic purposes.
  • Tooth colored restorations
    Any restoration that is composed of tooth colored material.  Could be onlay, inlay, crowns veneers or other emerging design or material that is esthetic or developed to improve esthetics.
  • Esthetic diagnosis and treatment of extra oral soft tissue
    The analysis of the face and its esthetics and the use of material to esthetically improve the extra oral soft tissues for esthetic purposes; i.e.: onabotulinum toxin therapy, BOTOX, dermal fillers and other emerging therapy to enhance the facial esthetics.
  • Emerging concepts, techniques, therapies and technology
    New technology/techniques used to improve the appearance of teeth or one’s smile.  
  • Product/technology training
    Advanced training of specific equipment or materials used to enhance the appearance of teeth or one’s smile. Product training courses should be directed to current users or a product and focus on proper/safe use.  Courses cannot contain any marketing information intended to encourage participants to purchase the product. 

            013 Microbiology

            016 Pharmacotherapeutics

            017 Dental Materials

            018 Physiology

            024 Immunology

            029 Product Training

  • Hospital Dentistry — Dental delivery in the controlled environment of the operating room  in a  hospital for individuals unable to receive care in the  traditional setting due to complex health history, physical, mental  or behavioral limitations; provision of oral care as part of team of providers.
  • Geriatric Dentistry —  Branch of dentistry encompassing all aspects of oral care for the elderly.
  • Dentistry for the Handicapped — Dentistry for patient’s unable to cooperate due to physical, mental or emotional disability.
  • Dentistry for the Medically Compromised — Knowledge of medical conditions; management of individuals with complex medical conditions, autoimmune disorders, infectious conditions, modification of dental treatment and pharmacotherapeutics in the provision of dental care.
  • Emerging education or therapies dealing with emerging mental or medical health and the delivery of oral health care to those individuals.
  • Product Training — Advanced training of specific equipment