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June 2019 Issue

Understanding PACE Guidelines: PACE Guidelines Changes

  • by AGD PACE Representative
  • Jun 18, 2017

Changes to the PACE Standards were recently approved by the AGD Board. Here is a summary of these changes:

  • Standard I, Administration: Criteria have been modified to reduce redundant language and clarify expectations.
  • Standard III, Goals: Criterion B has been revised so that it is clear that providers must have an overall mission for their programs, as well as organizational and educational goals.
  • Standard VIII, Instructors: Language has been added, requiring providers to have a nondiscrimination policy and planners to ensure educational objectives are addressed in the course presentations, as well as that the information presented is current. 

The AGD PACE Council regularly audits existing PACE Standards to ensure they continue to reflect current best practices and address modern teaching methods. Providers are encouraged to review these standards and send any questions about the changes to pace@agd.org.