Did You Miss Your Chance to Take the Fellowship Exam at AGD2023?

  • by AGD Staff
  • Aug 14, 2023
8-14-23_Exam_BAGD is hosting the 2023 Fall Fellowship Review Course and Exam at the Capital Hilton in downtown Washington, D.C., Oct. 6–8. Earn 16 hours of CE in the review course on Oct. 6–7 and take the Fellowship Exam the following day. 

If you need assistance studying, the Study Guide Supplement 2016-2020 contains 300+ questions, answers, critiques and references and is broken down into separate sections by discipline. AGD also offers Annual Online Study Guides, which are comprised of 100 study questions developed from the content outline of the Fellowship Exam. Premium Plus members enjoy a 20% discount on both the review course and the Annual Online Study Guides.

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