July/August 2017

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  • Editorial Take action to make things happen

    Roger D. Winland
    2017 July/August; 65(4):6. 

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  • Restorative Dentistry Relative displacement of implant-supported crowns with dental arch maturation

    Roger A. Solow
    2017 July/August; 65(4):7-11. 

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  • Pharmacology Is clindamycin dangerous?

    Mark Donaldson
    Jason H. Goodchild
    2017 July/August; 65(4):12-15. 

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  • Endodontics Endodontics: getting back to the basics

    Nathan Dinsbach
    2017 July/August; 65(4):16-18. 

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  • Oral Diagnosis Yellow nodule of vestibule and Blue lesion of gingiva

    Douglas D. Damm
    2017 July/August; 65(4):76

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  • Self-Instruction Answers Exercises No. 388, 389, 390, and 995 from the July/August 2016 issue

    2017 July/August; 65(4):79. 
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Clinical Articles


    Anesthesia and Pain Management Analgesic efficacy and safety of transdermal and oral diclofenac in postoperative pain management following dental implant placement

    Raja Rajeswari S.
    Triveni M. Gowda
    Tarun A.B. Kumar
    Dhoom S. Mehta
    Kanchan Arya
    2017 July/August; 65(4):69-74.

    This study compared the efficacy and safety of transdermal and oral administration of diclofenac for postoperative pain management in patients undergoing dental implant placement. The transdermal patch provided the same pain relief as the oral medication with fewer side effects. 

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    Self-Instruction Exercise No. 407
  • Protocol for measurement of enamel loss from brushing with an anti-erosive toothpaste after an acidic episode

    Mojdeh Dehghan
    Jose Estevam Vieira Ozorio
    Simon Chanin
    Daranee Tantbirojn
    Antheunis Versluis
    Franklin Garcia-Godoy
    2017 July/August; 65(4):63-68.

    This in vitro study showed that enamel loss from brushing with toothpaste was greater than enamel loss from brushing with water. A 1-hour immersion in artificial saliva reduced enamel loss when teeth were brushed with water but not with toothpaste, confirming the abrasive action of toothpaste on acid-softened enamel.

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  • Basic Science Microleakage of Class II composite resin restorations with self-adhesive composite resin liners

    Maryam Doozandeh
    Fereshteh Shafiei
    Fatemeh Mohammadi
    2017 July/August; 65(4):41-47.

    In a study investigating the microleakage of Class II composite restorations, prepared cavities were restored with a conventional flowable composite resin or 1 of 2 self-adhesive composites with or without their respective self-etching adhesives. None of the restorative techniques was capable of preventing microleakage completely, but the additional application of bonding agents improved the marginal seal of self-adhesive composites.

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  • Effect of surface treatments on the bond strength of self-etching adhesive agents to dentin

    M. Jacinta M.C. Santos
    Max Doria Costa
    Heleine Maria Chagas Rêgo
    José H. Rubo
    Gildo C. Santos, Jr
    2017 July/August; 65(4):e1-e6.

    This study investigated the influence of surface treatments (acid etching, ultrasonic vibration, sandblasting, and pumice cleaning) on the shear bond strength (SBS) of 3 self-etching adhesives to dentin. In the Scotchbond Universal and Clearfil S3 Bond Plus groups, the SBSs of surface treatment and control (distilled water) subgroups were not significantly different. In the Clearfil SE Bond group, mean SBSs were significantly higher with use of vibration or pumice.

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  • Dentinal Hypersensitivity & Treatment The potential of low-power laser for reducing dental sensitivity after in-office bleaching: a case report

    Eric Mayer dos Santos
    Brunna Haddad Anhesini
    Carlos Alberto Kenji Shimokawa
    Ana Cecília Corrêa Aranha
    Carlos de Paula Eduardo
    Patricia Moreira de Freitas
    2017 July/August; 65(4):e8-e11.

    This case report describes the application of laser phototherapy to reduce sensitivity after in-office, light-activated dental bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide. Dental sensitivity reported by the patient immediately and 24 hours after bleaching was substantially reduced by application of an infrared low-power laser.

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  • Esthetics/Cosmetic Dentistry Color assessment after bleaching with hydrogen peroxide versus ozone: a randomized controlled clinical trial

    Arzu Aykut-Yetkiner
    Fahinur Ertugrul
    Ece Eden
    Akin Aladag
    Ecem Ergin
    Mutlu Özcan
    2017 July/August; 65(4):e12-e17.

    CIE L*a*b* coordinates were used to evaluate color changes in teeth bleached with either hydrogen peroxide (HP) or ozone (OZ). No visible color changes were observed in either the HP or the OZ group immediately postbleaching. The greatest visible change was found in the HP group 48 hours postbleaching. 

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  • Implants Four-year follow-up of a polymethyl methacrylate–based bone cement graft for optimizing esthetics in maxillary anterior implants: a case report

    Érica Miranda De Torres
    Luis Fernando Naldi
    Karina De Oliveira Bernades
    Alexandre Leite Carvalho
    2017 July/August; 65(4):48-53.

    A 19-year-old woman presented with deficient thickness of the alveolar ridge, loss of lip support, absence of gingival architecture, and improperly placed implants that compromised the esthetics of her maxillary anterior prosthesis. A correct emergence profile for a new prosthesis was created through a polymethyl methacrylate–based bone cement graft along with connective tissue grafts.

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  • Oral health considerations in anorexia and bulimia nervosa. 1. Symptomatology and diagnosis

    Mohamed A. Bassiouny
    2017 July/August; 65(4):34-40.

    This article reviews anorexia nervosa and bulimia, summarizing telltale behavioral traits, systemic manifestations, and dental features to facilitate recognition and enable early and accurate diagnosis. 

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    Multi-Disciplinary Topics Comparison of the effects of sodium bicarbonate jet prophylaxis on blood pressure in normotensive individuals and patients with controlled hypertension: a controlled clinical trial

    Camila Lopes Ferreira
    Andrea Carvalho De Marco
    Thiago Rodrigues Lazzari
    José Benedito Oliveira Amorim
    Mauro Pedrine Santamaria
    Maria Aparecida Neves Jardini
    2017 July/August; 65(4):19-23.

    The blood pressure (BP) of normotensive and hypertensive subjects treated with a sodium bicarbonate jet prophylaxis was measured before and at 3 timepoints after the procedure. While systolic BP was significantly increased in normotensive and hypertensive subjects after the procedure, it returned to initial values within 15 minutes in both groups. Diastolic BP, however, returned to initial values more slowly in the hypertensive group than in the normotensive group.

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    Self-Instruction Exercise No. 405
  • Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis, Oral Pathology Cervical-thoracic necrotizing fasciitis of odontogenic origin in a diabetic patient: a case report

    Mateus Barros Cavalcante
    Amanda Laísa de Oliveira Lima
    Raphael Teixeira Moreira
    Emanuel Dias de Oliveira e Silva
    Bruno de Lira Castelo Branco
    2017 July/August; 65(4):25-29.

    Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), a bacterial infection with rapid, aggressive progression and characterized by necrosis of tissues, generally affects individuals with immunologic and microvascular deficiencies. A case of NF in a 55-year-old man with diabetes is reported to highlight diagnosis, surgical treatment, drug therapy, and supportive measures.

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  • Management of persistent lingual angioedema: a team approach

    Ralph H. Saunders, Jr
    2017 July/August; 65(4):60-62.

    An elderly man who suffered anoxic encephalopathy following a choking episode developed swelling of his tongue. The swelling was induced by an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI), which he was taking for hypertension. After cessation of the ACEI, persistence of the macroglossia was attributed to pressure from the incisors. Molt mouth props were placed to relieve venous obstruction.

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  • Orofacial Pain Temporomandibular pain caused by sleep disorders: a review and case report

    Daniel F. Babiec
    2017 July/August; 65(4):30-33.

    Patients often present to the dentist’s office with complaints of temporomandibular joint pain. However, patients with sleep-disordered breathing problems can exhibit similar signs and symptoms that can be misinterpreted as being dental in origin. Since dental treatment can actually worsen these medical conditions, dentists should consider the possibility that temporomandibular symptoms are related to sleep-disordered breathing.

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    Pediatric Dentistry Association between body mass index and dental age in Hispanic children

    Dina A. Chehab
    Thomas Tanbonliong
    Joshua Peyser
    Richard Udin
    2017 July/August; 65(4):54-58.

    The purpose of this study was to determine whether body mass index is associated with dental development in Hispanic children when compared to their age. Overweight/obese children were approximately 3.5 times more dentally advanced than average/underweight children. The older the child, the greater the difference. 

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    Self-Instruction Exercise No. 406