AGD’s Recognizes Newest Fellows, Masters and LLSR Recipients

  • by AGD Staff
  • Aug 3, 2022
AGD Fellowship and Mastership awards are prestigious symbols of the continuous educational journey toward improvement and progress in dentistry. This Saturday, AGD celebrated over 450 members who achieved these distinctions in 2022, as well as some who did so in 2020, during a special Convocation Ceremony. 

Fellows and Masters embody AGD’s principles and ideals and accept an obligation to prove themselves worthy of their designations throughout their professional lives. Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition (LLSR) is a formal recognition for AGD Masters in the areas of continuing education, dental-related community service and service to organized dentistry. The prestigious LLSR symbolizes a member’s dedication to remaining current in dentistry and giving back to his or her community. (Read about some of this year’s awardees.) 

“AGD is designed to influence professional growth and development through continuing education, and we are proud to honor over 450 members for the commitment and dedication to providing patients with advanced and exceptional oral healthcare,” said AGD President Gerald J. Botko, DMD, MAGD. “These members are exceeding industry requirements and paving a path of success, distinguishing themselves professionally amongst their peers and exemplifying an allegiance to the dental community.”

AGD is proud to honor the 2020 recipients who chose to join us at the AGD2022 Convocation Ceremony:

2020 Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition Recipients

2020 Masters

2020 Fellows

During the AGD2022 Convocation Ceremony, the following were honored as 2022 Fellows, Masters and LLSRs:

2022 Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition Recipients

2022 Masters

2022 Fellows


(Thinking of taking the Fellowship Exam? There is still time to register for the upcoming Fellowship Review Course and Exam, Sept. 30 to Oct. 1.)