Make Sure Your Transcript is Up to Date

  • by AGD Staff
  • May 11, 2020
5-11-CE Transcript_DDid you know that organizations with current PACE approval should be submitting verification of attendance to AGD on your behalf? Whenever you register for a course, AGD recommends you check whether the organization has current AGD PACE approval on the Find a PACE Provider page of the AGD website.

If the organization is listed, make sure to provide them with your AGD membership ID number, and verify with them that they will submit the information to AGD. If the organization does not have current PACE approval, you can also submit a copy of your attendance form online to be included on your transcript. To avoid duplications, AGD recommends you check your transcript before submitting any new CE. 

For a list of upcoming courses from PACE-approved providers, search the AGD CE Directory