Get to Know the PACE Website

  • by AGD PACE Representative
  • Nov 22, 2019

PACE is designed to help continuing dental education organizations deliver quality educational courses to dental professionals. AGD knows this can be a daunting mission, especially for organizations just starting to build their programs, which is why AGD has a number of tools available to approved providers that will help them manage their programs.

PACE Guidelines
Providers should think of the PACE Guidelines as a blueprint to building a quality CE program. The standards are written to help providers develop their programs. Key questions such as “What information should be on my marketing?” and “How can I find out what participants thought of my course?” can usually be answered by reviewing PACE standards.

Application Sample Documents
The website includes samples of the types of documentation you will be asked to include in your application. All documents posted in this area are simplified examples intended to help you develop your own documents that will support your individual processes. Providers are not required to use any of the documents found on the website. Rather, they are required to be able to document that they have processes in place that meet PACE Standards. As an example, AGD provides a basic layout showing how to identify job responsibilities of staff and/or planning committee members;providers are not expected to adopt this format, but they are expected to show they have documented what each member of staff or planning committee member does to support the CE program.

PACE Provider Resources
Find all the links you need once you are approved, including:

  • Roster submission.
  • Free advertising in the AGD CE directory.
  • AGD’s subject code list.
  • The AGD PACE logo.
  • The AGD speaker database for help finding qualified speakers.