Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) Student Chapters are an important source of relevant, real-world information for today’s young dental professionals. Through guided events hosted by local AGD representatives and invited speakers, attendees can observe the latest dental techniques, receive valuable practice management advice, identify leadership opportunities within organized dentistry, achieve AGD Fellowship, and much more.

AGD is pleased to offer constituent leaders, dental school faculty, and general dentistry residency program directors national support in hosting local AGD Student Chapter events and promoting AGD membership. In addition to distributing complimentary printed recruitment materials, AGD Headquarters awards a select number of $500 scholarships annually to qualified applicants to help defray the costs of hosting local AGD Student Chapter events.

Applicants who receive a scholarship will be required to submit a summary of activities to AGD Headquarters within three months of their funded event. This summary should include a detailed description of on-site activities, budgetary information highlighting the manner in which the scholarship funds were allocated, measurable outcomes of the event (e.g., number of new members recruited), and attendee photos (if applicable). The summary also should detail the strengths and weaknesses of the local effort, including best practices and suggestions for improvement that may be communicated to other AGD constituents administering new and existing AGD Student Chapters

AGD Student Chapter scholarship
Event Location
Recruitment Materials
Membership Applications
Informational Flyers
Special Materials (limit 25)
Additional quantities may be requested at the applicant’s shipping expense, depending upon availability.