Renewing AGD PACE Approval in 2017

  • by AGD PACE Representative
  • Jun 18, 2017

Will your AGD PACE approval expire in 2017? You can see your expiration date each time you log in to the AGD website or visit the Find a PACE Provider webpage. If you are not listed on the webpage, your approval is no longer current.

When submitting applications, print or type your responses on a separate document for questions that require more than a yes-or-no answer. These additions must be labeled with the question number in the upper right-hand corner and placed in the application behind the page where the question is found.

When submitting applications electronically, completed applications mustbe submitted as a single PDF file. To incorporate attachments into the electronic application:

  • Print out the completed application.
  • Place attachments for each question behind the page where the question is found.
  • Rescan the full application or use a PDF editor to insert the pages into the document.

 If you are submitting paper copies, four copies are required. Attachments for each question should be placed behind the page where the question is found. Do notbind into book form. AGD recommends the use of rubber bands or large binder clips to separate the copies. 

National PACE Provider Deadlines
AGD sends current national PACE providers renewal applications via email six and 11 months prior to their approval expiration date. The PACE Council reviews national applications according to the bimonthly schedule. AGD staff and PACE Council members process and review applications during the period between the submission deadline and the mailing of results. Review the AGD PACE Program Guidelines, and download the application for national approval.

Reminder: Nationally approved providers are required to pay an annual $275 fee to maintain their approval throughout the term granted by the PACE Council. Nationally approved providers will receive an email reminder that the fee is due approximately 90 days before the anniversary of the provider’s approval start date.

Local PACE Provider Deadlines
Each AGD constituent sets its own schedule to review and approve local AGD PACE providers. Applications are sent to existing local providers six months prior to their approval expiration date. Review the AGD PACE Program Guidelines, and download the application for local approval. Contact your local PACE approval representative with questions.