Using the AGD Subject Code List

  • by AGD PACE Representative
  • May 30, 2019

Key notes:

  • AGD subject codes identify general content topics/specialty areas.
  • The Dental Education Council reduced the list of more than 150 AGD subject codes to 42 more generalized ones.
  • An AGD subject code list and detailed information is available.
  • Not including an AGD subject code on course publicity or attendance verification forms could result in shorter approval terms.


Related Standards:

  • IX, Publicity S:1-k
  • XI, Course Records, C:D-2

General dentists attend CE courses that address a wide variety of topics in all specialty areas. AGD PACE-approved CE organizations are expected to identify the general topic/specialty area their courses address on all marketing materials and attendance verification forms.

To identify the topic/specialty area, the CE organization should use an AGD subject code. AGD recommends program planners share the AGD subject code list with their planning committee and the course instructors to identify the code that best represents the topics being taught while planning the program. If the course content addresses multiple topics, multiple codes can be used. If using multiple codes, CE providers must identify the length of time that should be allocated to each code on the attendance verification forms.

Why does AGD require CE providers to use subject codes?

Easy identification of licensing board requirements

AGD subject codes allow dental professionals and licensing boards to quickly identify the main area of study for each course. Licensing boards auditing documentation or reviewing AGD CE transcripts are able to easily see if dentists have met specific local CE requirements such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, domestic violence identification or ethics.

Tracking toward AGD awards
AGD members can earn two awards within AGD based on the number and type of CE courses they take. The AGD Fellowship Award requires members to complete a minimum of 500 CE hours from approved providers and pass a rigorous exam. The AGD Mastership Award requires members to complete an additional 600 hours and meet minimum hour requirements in each of the dental disciplines.

Expanded Explanations Available

When coding your courses, review AGD’s subject code list. If you need more information, click on the code for the main topic/specialty area, and you will see more detailed information about each topic listed.

Currently, nearly 6,500 AGD members are eligible to work toward the AGD Mastership Award. These members watch their transcripts closely and often select courses specifically to meet the award requirements. Including AGD subject codes in your course publicity will encourage these dedicated learners to attend your courses.

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