PACE Approval Eligibility Criteria Unchanged

  • by AGD PACE Representative
  • May 30, 2019

Recently, some providers have contacted AGD regarding changes to PACE eligibility criteria. Currently, AGD has no plans to make changes to the PACE eligibility criteria.

The PACE program recognizes all types of CE organizations — dental schools, dental societies, government agencies,study clubs and companies that specialize in course presentations, to name a few. AGD believes that each type of organization can provide dental professionals with valuable information that can be integrated into dental practices.The PACE program was created to assist members of the dental profession in identifying quality dental education programs and strongly believes that each provider has an obligation to clearly identify who is offering or supporting educational opportunities.

Here is a brief summary of eligibility for PACE approval:

  • Continuing dental education organizations — not individual speakers or course content — are eligible for PACE approval.
  • Educational activities must be consistent with AGD’s definition of CE.
  • Providers must be located or have a permanent base in the United States, Canada or their territories, or be an officially recognized agency or unit within the national dental services of the United States or Canada or meet additional eligibility requirements for international organizations. 
  • Providers must ensure that all courses offered for CE credit have a sound scientific basis.
  • A planning committee that includes independent subject matter experts must oversee the development and implementation of all programs. This includes selecting appropriate teaching methods and facilities to support the educational objectives.
  • Through the application process, an organization must demonstrate that it assumes the financial and administrative responsibility of planning, publicizing and offering CE.
  • Providers must ensure that, upon completion of a CE course, participating dentists will not be obligated to utilize a volume of any products and/or services.

To review complete information regarding PACE eligibility criteria, please see page four of the PACE Guidelines