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August 2020 Issue

New 2020 and 2021 Application Deadlines and Approval Schedule for National PACE Approval

  • by AGD PACE Representative
  • Mar 26, 2020
For several years, AGD’s PACE Council has reviewed applications on a bimonthly schedule. Due to an increase in the number of applications received and to improve the efficiency of our review process, the PACE Council has voted to transition to a quarterly review schedule. The 2020 calendar year has four remaining review cycles. Beginning in 2021, there will be four review cycles per year. Please see upcoming dates below.

Review Cycle   Application
 Decision Letters
 2  April 3, 2020*  June 30, 2020            
 3  June 12, 2020  Sep. 30, 2020
 4  Aug. 21, 2020  Nov. 30, 2020
 5  Nov. 30, 2020  March 31, 2021
 1  Feb. 28, 2021  June 30, 2021
 2  May 31, 2021  Sept 30, 2021
 3  Aug. 31, 2021  Dec 31, 2021
 4  Nov. 30, 2021             March 31, 2022

*If you are unable to submit an application by April 3, 2020, please submit by June 12, 2020. If your approval lapses but your application is later approved, you will be given retroactive approval back to the date of expiration. Email questions or concerns to pace@agd.org.

When Should you Submit an Application for Re-Approval?

Providers can be approved for a period of one to six years based on how well they show they are meeting PACE Standards and Criteria and the length of their previous approval terms. Terms start and end based on when the applicant first applied for approval. Providers should be aware of their current term of approval because they are required to include it as part of the AGD PACE logo and approval statement on all forms of publicity and attendance verification forms.

Check the table below to determine when your organization should submit an application for approval.

Approval terms ending at
the end of:
Apply by:  Decision letter
mailed by:
 June, July or August   Feb. 28, 2021       June 30, 2021
 September, October or
 May 31, 2021  Sept. 30, 2021
 December, January or
 Aug. 31, 2021  Dec. 31, 2021
 March, April or May   Nov. 30, 2021  Mar. 31, 2021

Reminder: This Review Schedule Is for Nationally Approved Providers Only. 
Organizations with local PACE approval should continue to work with the approval representative in their state when reapplying for approval.
  • Locally approved providers should submit applications to their local approval representative 60–90 days before their current term ends. 
  • Locally approved providers can also find their current term of approval on the Find a PACE Provider page of the AGD website.
  • A list of local PACE approval representatives by state can be found online.