CE Submission FAQs

Where can I find CE courses? 

AGD offers various resources in the education section of our website to help you fulfill the requirements for membership maintenance, including the AGD CE Directory, annual Scientific Session, General Dentistry Self-Instruction Program and free online CE.

Is there a time limit for reporting CE credits?

No, but we request that members report their course verification from non-PACE-approved providers via email (membership@agd.org), fax (312.335.3432) or mail within 60 days of completion. 

What is the best way to submit my CE?

You can submit your CE via email, mail or fax. The fastest processing method is emailing your request to membership@agd.org or faxing it to 312.335.3432. 

How long does it take AGD to update CE to my transcripts?

It takes approximately 30 days from the date we receive your CE to process it and add it to your transcripts. It is recommended that you submit your CE to AGD Headquarters via fax or email.

How can I keep track of credits I’ve earned so that I don’t duplicate courses?

Use your online transcripts to monitor your CE activities. The AGD Licensing Transcript lists the credits that have been reported to us since you joined, while the AGD Award Transcript indicates credits accrued toward the FAGD and MAGD awards. You can view your transcripts under the “Track My CE” section of our website. You also can request a copy by contacting the AGD Membership Services Center at 888.243.3368 or membership@agd.org.

How can I correct an error on my transcripts?

To keep your AGD records up to date, you can view your online transcripts anytime by visiting our website. You also can add CE courses or make changes to your transcripts via email (membership@agd.org), fax (312.335.3432) or mail.

Can the subject code of a course or CE course type (lecture/participation) be changed? 

Written verification from the course provider is required to change the subject code of a course or to change a lecture course to a participation course.

Which activities must be verified by providers? 

Verification of participation in the following activities is always required before credit can be granted:

  • Publication of scientific articles
  • Teaching
  • General practice residency (GPR) or advanced education in general dentistry (AEGD) programs
  • Completion of courses of unusual length (usually 40 hours or more)
  • Completion of audio, audiovisual, online and written self-instruction programs (verification of post-test completion)

Has the AGD requirement of 75 CE credit hours for membership been discontinued?

No, members must still meet the 75 CE credit hour requirement for membership maintenance within their three-year cycle. However, you are no longer required to report your CE in order to maintain membership in the AGD. Instead, a signature on your annual dues invoice or submitting your dues online will serve as verification that you have met the CE requirement. The signature or submission button is preceded by the following statement: “By submitting dues to the AGD, I attest that I have met or will meet the 75 hours of continuing education that is required.”

If I took CE or postgraduate training before I joined AGD, can I get credit for it?

Generally, we recognize CE credits only from the date you joined. However, under certain circumstances, we grant credit for activities completed before your join date. Recent dental school graduates who joined AGD during the first full calendar year after graduation receive credit for all CE courses taken since graduation.

In addition, if you joined AGD within four years of completing a CODA-accredited AEGD or GPR program, you may be eligible to receive up to 150 CE credit hours toward Fellowship for completing a one-year program, up to 300 hours for completing a two-year program and up to 450 hours for non-concurrent completion of both types of approved programs. To see if you qualify, contact the AGD Education Department at 888.243.3368, ext. 4356.

How can I receive CE credit for the completion of a residency program?

Send a copy of your residency certificate or a letter (on official letterhead) from the director of the residency program verifying that you have completed the program. Be sure to include the beginning and end dates of the program, along with the type of residency completed. GPR and AEGD programs are the only residencies that qualify for credit.

Can I receive CE credit for teaching?

Yes, you can receive as many as 150 hours of publication credit toward Fellowship and Mastership for authoring published scientific articles. Articles written about practice management are not eligible for credit. A combined maximum of 150 CE credit hours from teaching/publication may be applied toward Fellowship and Mastership.