FDA Announces Intention to Establish Nicotine Standard, Ban of JUUL Products

  • by AGD Washington Advocacy Representative
  • Jul 7, 2022
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced their intention to develop a proposed product standard establishing a maximum nicotine level in cigarettes and other combusted tobacco products. The FDA’s goal is to reduce youth use by targeting nicotine, the ingredient responsible for addiction and sustained use of tobacco products. The FDA estimates that establishing a nicotine product standard could prompt over 5 million smokers to quit within one year (rising to 13 million within 5 years) and save over 8 million lives and prevent over 33 million youth and young adults from becoming regular smokers by the year 2100.

Days after the FDA announced their intention to establish a nicotine standard for cigarettes, the agency put out a press release announcing the issuance of marketing denial orders for all JUUL Labs Inc. products currently marketed in the United States. As a result, the company must stop selling and distributing all JUUL products and remove those currently on the U.S. market or risk enforcement action. JUUL products have come under scrutiny by the FDA for marketing flavors and materials to youths that have dramatically increased the use of e-cigarettes and vaping by adolescents and young adults.

Impact on General Dentistry: The AGD supports evidence-based policies that seek to effectively reduce tobacco use, particularly among adolescents and young adults. The link between tobacco use, disease, and adverse oral health conditions is well-founded. AGD will continue to monitor developments related to the FDA’s establishment of a nicotine standard for combustible tobacco products.