Senator Sanders Introduces the Medicare for All Act

  • by AGD Washington Advocacy Representative
  • May 25, 2022
Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced the Medicare for All Act of 2022, sweeping legislation that would expand Medicare to every U.S. resident within four years of its enactment and overhaul the American healthcare system in favor of a government funded, single-payer system. If enacted, the legislation would eliminate out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, insurance premiums, and co-payments and expand Medicare to include dental care as well as vision and hearing coverage.
The Medicare for All Act of 2022 is cosponsored by 14 Democratic Senators and endorsed by more than 60 organizations. A single-payer, Medicare-for-all system as proposed under Senator Sanders’ legislation is universally opposed by Republican legislators and remains divisive among Democrats. The legislation will not progress in the current session of Congress.

Impact on General Dentistry: AGD remains opposed to the expansion of Medicare to include dental benefits. Recent proposals to expand Medicare to include dental benefits do not address low-income seniors’ immediate oral health needs, could result in the setting of Medicare fee schedules that significantly undervalue dental services, and will likely diminish the overall quality of dental care.