Submit Your Constituent/Component Bylaws by Sept. 30

  • by AGD Constituent Services Representative
  • Jun 24, 2019

AGD headquarters requests that all constituencies that have not submitted their constituency and/or component bylaws within the last three years review their bylaws, align them with the AGD Model Bylaws, and forward a signed copy to the CST by Monday, Sept. 30.

We realize that you may want to include some additional sections that are specific to your particular constituency or component; however, please be sure to keep the essence of the model document intact in order to stay in compliance with the AGD Bylaws. This step is particularly important because the AGD Bylaws are the parent documents — in other words, were there to be a conflict of procedure or policy between the two documents, the item outlined in the AGD Bylaws would supersede your constituency and/or component bylaws.

To obtain a copy of the latest bylaws to keep on file for your constituency and/or component, please contact the CST at To ensure your bylaws are in compliance with AGD Bylaws, please review the following documents:

AGD headquarters understands that these updates require a significant amount of time, so if you need an extension or have any questions, contact the CST at 888.243.7392 or