Alabama and Mississippi AGD Co-sponsor 44th Annual Review of Dentistry Conference

  • by AGD Constituent Services Representative
  • Feb 21, 2018

On Sept. 7-9, 2017, Alabama AGD and Mississippi AGD hosted the 44th Annual Review of Dentistry conference. There were 112 Alabama dentists, 32 Mississippi dentists, 32 spouses, 121 team members, and 101 exhibitors for a total of 402 attendees who came from various states including Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, North Caroline, New York and Virginia. This was a record-breaking number of attendees for the last five years!  

Despite the looming threat of Hurricane Irma, the conference was a success. For the first time, a keynote speech was planned and given by Jeffrey M. Cole, DDS, MBA, FAGD, as well as a welcome reception, e-poster and clinical case presentations to increase program diversity, and more opportunities for social networking and sharing clinical experiences. Organizers invited national and internationally known top speakers in almost all branches of dentistry, including Restorative (Dr. John Burgess), Endodontic (Dr. Gary Glassman), Implantology (Dr.  Michael Reddy), Periodontics (Dr. Nicholas Geurs), Prosthodontics (Dr.  Charles Goodacre), Radiology (Dr. William Ingram), Pathology (Dr. Anthony Morlandt) and Practice Management (Dr. John Comisi, Mrs. Karen Comisi and Mr. Tim Buzan). There was also an emphasis on offering programs for self-enrichment (Mr. Paul Mellor), nutrition and exercise (Mrs. Mim Gaines and Dr. William Neumeier), CPR and infection control, which is required for license renewal. Another new program focused on helping attendees communicate better with laboratories and featured Mr.  Matt Winstead (Oral Arts) and Mr. Chris Waldrop (Burdette). Both shared their knowledge about current trends in digital dentistry from a laboratory aspect. 

Based on positive attendee feedback, Alabama AGD board members were proud of the changes made to the conference regarding new dates, location and added programs. Alabama AGD board members greatly appreciate all the support from both AGD and non-AGD members that helped this annual meeting succeed. They predict another exciting meeting for 2018, especially with the support of Dr. Derrick Mendez (president-elect) this year.  

Alabama Missisippi AGD Meeting     Alabama Missisippi AGD Meeting