Central Texas AGD Launches New Dentist Study Club

  • by AGD Constituent Services Representative
  • Jan 24, 2018

Central Texas AGD kicked off the new year with a new group for new general dentists. Central Texas AGD’s New Dentist Study Club (NDSC) already has 18 members and three events under its belt.

The NDSC is a Texas AGD/local component-sponsored program for new dentists who graduated seven or less years ago. The NDSC provides quality affordable CE while establishing a supportive professional and personal peer group. The NDSC provides a pathway to an accelerated Fellowship. It sets up mentoring by opening up these study clubs to more experienced dentists who have already earned their Fellowship Award.

Dr. Luana Badea, director of Central Texas’ NDSC, (top center) said the component was thrilled because Austin was one of the last large Texas cities not to have a group like this. Texas, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas also have NDSCs. Each city customizes its educational program to the needs of its members. “Oftentimes new dentists have just moved from other parts of the country. Not only do they need to grow their knowledge, they need that social network, professionally and personally,” said Badea. “You need a community in which you can mutually trust and advise each other.”

Central Texas NDSC has held courses by Dr. Josh Austin and Dr. Jim Tyree. It also met up with other members of Central Texas AGD at a recent NDSC social.

The group has plans for an attorney and a CPA to address best business practices.

Please see the Texas AGD online calendar for all NDSC event dates.

Central Texas AGD Photo