High-Caliber Points Discussed at Tennessee AGD Annual Meeting: The Right to Bear Arms…in the Dental Office?

  • by AGD Constituent Services Representative
  • Dec 20, 2017

The TNAGD Annual Meeting, Aug. 4–5, Nashville, featured what may be the first dentistry course of its kind. Gary Woodall, DDS, MAGD, spoke about the pros and cons of carrying firearms in the dental office, potential legal problems and implications of having/using firearms, as well as the likelihood of violence occurring in dental offices. Woodall also demonstrated how to disarm an attacker and how to break a chokehold. The meeting venue was a Nashville church, allowing the organizers to keep course fees low and making it easier for new dentists to attend.

The meeting wrapped up with an opportunity to practice gun safety with a visit to the Nashville Armory.

TNAGD took great care to separate the educational curriculum and the recreational activity from the TNAGD to avoid any liability issues.


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