Meet Bettina D. Laidley, DMD

  • by AGD Constituent Services Representative
  • Nov 15, 2017

Bettina Laidely Headshot
Bettina D. Laidley, DMD

Regional Director, Region 1

Bettina D. Laidley, DMD, FAGD, represents Region 1, which includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. . For the last four years, Dr. Laidley has served as regional director (RD) and expects to complete her second term in 2019. Prior to this position, she served as president of the Vermont AGD, as well as delegate and alternate for Region 1.

Her graduation from Tufts Dental School in 1972 was followed by two years as a lieutenant in the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service in Indian Health in New Mexico and Arizona. During her service, she joined the AGD to continue her education, filling in gaps from her dental training and preparing herself for a 40-year career in general dentistry. After earning credit toward her Fellowship, which she received in 1987, and advocating for Vermont on the legislative level through AGD advocacy training, Dr. Laidley believes AGD gave her the tools and training to make a difference in her constituent (where she has practiced for 37 years).

In 2011, she achieved Emeritus status during the annual meeting in San Diego, California.

Her mission as RD is to cement closer ties within states and prepare a succession plan with new and committed members to carry on the important work of representing general dentists and their continued education in the region.

In her spare time, Dr. Laidley enjoys hiking, family, friends and travel to amazing places like Lesotho, Ecuador and Vietnam to volunteer with other compassionate medical specialists when she can.

Her advice to new graduates and current members alike is, “Get involved. Make a difference for your patients, your colleagues and your profession. Join a family of like-minded people who value continued education for your entire career and develop the most amazing friendships along the way.”