California AGD’s Fellowtrack Leadership Conference

  • by AGD Constituent Services Representative
  • Oct 17, 2017

The California AGD (CAGD) held its annual Fellowtrack Leadership Conference on Sept. 17 at the Duke Hotel in Newport Beach, California. All 6 California dental schools committed to participating in the Fellowtrack program, thanks to Fellowtrack Chairperson, Dr. Cheryl Goldasich.  The presidents of each Fellowtrack school were recognized by Dr. Goldasich with plaques. Longtime UCSF/UOP mentor, Dr. Ralph Hoffman, was also honored for his leadership in the program as he announced his retirement.

The highlight of the conference was teleconferencing with AGD leaders, President Dr. Maria Smith, President-Elect Dr. Manuel Cordero and Vice-President Dr. Neil Gajjar. The leaders discussed with students what led them to their leadership positions and how one becomes a leader, the direction of dentistry in the next 5 to 10 years, what they saw as the benefits of organized dentistry, specifically the AGD, and how one becomes a leader. Dr. Myron (Mike) Bromberg also spoke about key issues affecting dentists, from his perspective as the National Advocacy Division Coordinator and Legislative & Governmental Affairs Council Chair. CAGD President, Dr. Chethan Chetty and PACE Council Chair, Dr. Eric Wong also spoke to attendees. After lunch, each school spoke about their Fellowtrack program, and shared ideas about membership, CE courses and other activities they’ve held over the past year.  

The Fellowtrack Leadership Conference was a great opportunity for students and recent graduates to network with experienced dentists who had become AGD leaders. CAGD leaders were thoroughly impressed with all attendees. They are our future leaders, and CAGD couldn’t be prouder! The Fellowtrack programs improve both membership numbers and the quality of CE courses offered. Next year’s conference will be held in Northern California, and CAGD is already anticipating even greater things from their Fellowtrack programs.