Keeping the Focus on Continuing Education and Advocacy: Dr. Guter Reflects on His Presidency

  • by Hans P. Guter, DDS, FAGD
  • Oct 30, 2023

The life of a general dentist is a daily juggling act, involving the skillful management of the complex interplay between clinical responsibilities and the operational demands that underpin our practices. Whether a practice owner, associate, resident or dental student, the relentless pursuit of excellence in our careers is a common aspiration. 

The key to my success has been AGD. This esteemed organization and the lifelong friendships I have found here have been instrumental in keeping me on track. AGD has empowered me to access essential education, taught me new skills and treatments, and, above all, provided the assurance that I am making a meaningful contribution to the field I hold dear — general dentistry.

Next month, my tenure as AGD president comes to an end. However, please know that my unwavering commitment to the organization, its esteemed members, and the cherished profession remains as steadfast as ever.

I’d like to highlight a few takeaways from the past few years and my work here at AGD.

Education Matters

Through AGD, you can access a multitude of learning experiences. Cutting-edge continuing dental education and a wide array of courses that equip us with the knowledge and skills needed for success is not just a benefit, but a true privilege. AGD is well known and respected throughout the dental world for a blend of learning methods, including multichannel learning, microeducation opportunities and special options for new dentists.

As an AGD member, don’t miss your opportunity to:

Advocacy Is Vital

General dentists are the lifeblood of oral healthcare — indispensable and essential. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to advocate for our profession, never losing sight of the power our collective voices hold in shaping the discourse on oral health. Whether it's educating our legislators or advocating for oral health issues locally, our profession must always be at the forefront.

We continue to take our messages to Washington, D.C., as well as state and local legislatures nationwide. Every AGD member plays a key role in our success, and we need your help.

Register now for the Virtual Advocacy Conference, Dec. 15–16, 2023. 

Visit the AGD Advocacy Center to learn more, or donate to the Advocacy Fund to help fund this important work. 

Building Strong Professional Networks

Success in general dentistry is often intertwined with mentorship and building a robust professional network. AGD offers a unique platform for connecting with peers, sharing experiences and transferring knowledge. One aspect I cherish most about my AGD journey is the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas. The mutual sharing of challenges, solutions and experiences transcends the knowledge that one can acquire from formal courses. Professional networks contribute to our confidence and reduce the stress in our demanding professional lives.

My experiences over the past year — including visits to dental schools, world-class dental education centers and dental conferences — have introduced me to passionate individuals dedicated to honing their skills and being part of a community that supports their personal and professional goals. Their enthusiasm for the profession and commitment to ongoing education is inspiring and motivating.

Our strength lies in unity, and I implore you to explore opportunities to further expand and strengthen the AGD community. Get active locally and volunteer with AGD. Watch for requests to participate in a workshop, join a council or committee, share your opinions through surveys, and send us your feedback. I continue to be in awe of the ways our AGD members step up and commit to this organization, but we need everyone’s help and participation. If you have ideas or information you’d like to share, please email our Executive Office

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for the opportunity to serve AGD as your president. It has been a tremendous honor. I believe that working together as a group has never been more important. General dentists are vital to our communities, and we must not waver in our focus. We must continue to lead the profession with our commitment to advocacy and continuing education. It is through this collective purpose that we will create a bright future. 

Hans P. Guter, DDS, FAGD