Embracing the Journey of Education and Empowerment: My Role as AGD Podcast Host

  • by George J. Schmidt, DMD, FAGD
  • Aug 28, 2023

Earlier this year, I became the host of the AGD Podcast Series. It has been an exciting journey for me because I am passionate about AGD and getting the word out about all the great things our organization has to offer. Every episode, interview and conversation reinforces my passion for dentistry and the power of education to improve how we manage our practices, support our teams and ensure exceptional patient care.

When I took on this role after Wes Blakeslee, DMD, FAGD, retired after nearly 15 years, I knew this was an excellent opportunity to try something new and use many of my contacts in continuing dental education, advocacy and professional development. I am also the Scientific Meeting Council chair and was previously chair of the Dental Education Council, so advancing knowledge for our profession has been a part of my volunteer work for some time.

Since I became host, my mission has been clear: to provide a platform that imparts knowledge and ignites a spark within every listener. This podcast isn't just about disseminating information; it's about creating a connection, fostering a sense of community, and ultimately enriching our understanding of industry changes, opportunities to improve dental practices, and new ways of providing customer service and patient care. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of being the AGD podcast host is engaging with some of the brightest minds in our field. Recent interviews have been nothing short of awe-inspiring. We've had a great list of dental leaders on the podcast, including the following:

We were also fortunate to talk with guests and speakers at AGD2023. Take advantage of those interviews as well as the complete list of podcasts. We have several outstanding guests scheduled for the coming weeks. 

Our guests often say they love working with AGD members because of our passion for excellence and creating successful practices. We are a great group, and it's unique for me to be able to share their stories. 

These conversations have reinforced my belief that AGD is not just a professional organization; it's a commitment to lifelong learning and a dedication to excellence. Whether discussing innovative techniques, emerging technologies or the art of patient communication, the popularity of the AGD podcast is a testament to our collective desire to evolve and enhance our skills every day. But beyond the technicalities, I believe what truly sets AGD apart is its community spirit. This unity propels us to share our stories, challenges and triumphs. Through platforms like the AGD Podcast Series, we are creating an environment where learning is not just a solitary experience, but something more collaborative.

I want to thank everyone who has tuned in and checked out the podcast. This energy fuels my enthusiasm and helps me to recruit new dental leaders to join me to tell their stories.

Please listen to the podcast and like and subscribe to our channel. You can find us on AGD.org, the AGD app, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you want to connect with me, you can reach out via email.