Become an AGD Spokesperson

  • by AGD Staff
  • Mar 28, 2022

3-28-22_Spokesperson_BAGD’s Communications Council is recruiting new members for our Spokesperson Program. Nominees should be comfortable communicating with the media and be willing to be AGD’s public voice.

AGD spokespeople provide information and insight on dentistry, oral health and ways to keep your smile bright each year through all forms of news media. 

AGD spokespeople should:

  • Have some experience working with the media.
  • Be subject matter experts.
  • Have experience or be comfortable with public speaking.
  • Create a positive public image for AGD.
  • Be willing to be the public voice and face of AGD.
  • Be aware or willing to learn AGD’s policies, strategies and positions on key trade issues.
  • Display some form of leadership role within their local constituency (doesn't necessarily have to be a constituent leader; however, must be an active constituent member).
  • Be willing to speak and conduct interviews on the behalf of AGD during times of crisis.
  • Possess exceptional communications skills.
  • Be willing to work on increasing news recognition of the organization.

The deadline to submit nominations has been extended to March 31.

Submit your nomination today!