September/October 2017

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  • Editorial Website design for the dental practice

    Timothy Kosinski
    2017 September/October; 65(5):5.

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  • Letter to the Editor Missed opportunity

    Mark Bornfeld
    Mark Donaldson
    Jason H. Goodchild
    2017 September/October; 65(5):6.

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  • Public Health Addressing the emerging public health crisis of narcotic overdose

    Gary L. Drahos
    Larry Williams
    2017 September/October; 65(5):7-9.
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  • Pharmacology Drug shortages: how do we run out of salt water?

    Mark Donaldson 
    Jason H. Goodchild
    2017 September/October; 65(5):10-13.
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  • Ethics “I didn’t sign up for this!”

    Toni M. Roucka
    2017 September/October; 65(5):14-16.

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  • Oral Diagnosis Gingival mass and Blue lesion of palate

    Douglas D. Damm
    2017 September/October; 65(5):77-78.

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  • Self-Instruction Answers Exercises No. 391, 392, and 393 from the September/October 2016 issue

    2017 September/October; 65(5):80.

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Clinical Articles

  • Dentinal Hypersensitivity & Treatment Dentin desensitizing agents: too many options

    Rawan AlKahtani

    As the options in dentin desensitizing products have increased, it can be challenging for clinicians to make the best choices. This literature review explains the modes of action of various desensitizing agents and summarizes clinical trial outcomes of materials in the market to help dentists advise patients on their best options.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):17-20.

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  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery A root volume study of the adult dentition for ridge preservation purposes

    John Thousand
    Joseph Datar
    Kerri Font
    Charles A. Powell

    Ridge preservation procedures are used to preserve the remaining alveolar bone volume after tooth extraction. This study measured the root volume of the adult dentition to provide a guide for selection of graft material for ridge preservation.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):21-23.

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  • Multi-Disciplinary Topics Oral health considerations in anorexia and bulimia nervosa. 2. Multidisciplinary management and personalized dental care

    Mohamed A. Bassiouny
    Elizabeth Tweddale

    The second of a 2-part series, this article outlines a systematic, multidisciplinary approach—including restorative dental care—to helping patients with eating disorders on their road to recovery.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):24-31.

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    Pediatric Dentistry Success rates of Hall technique crowns in primary molars: a retrospective pilot study

    Walker Clark
    Matthew Geneser
    Arwa Owais
    Michael Kanellis
    Fang Qian

    A retrospective observational study assessed success rates of stainless steel crowns placed on primary molars using the Hall technique. After a mean of 9.9 months, 178 of 180 (98.9%) crowns were rated as clinically successful and 85 of 87 (97.7%) were radiographically successful. After a mean of 20.1 months, 74 of 76 (97.4%) were clinically successful, and 37 of 39 (94.9%) were radiographically successful.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):32-35.

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    Self-Instruction Exercise No. 408
  • Fixed Prosthodontics Modified PEEK as an alternative crown framework material for weak abutment teeth: a case report

    Panagiotis Zoidis
    Eleonora Bakiri
    Ioannis Papathanasiou
    Anastasia Zappi

    A modified polyetheretherketone (PEEK) framework material veneered with indirect composite resin was used to fabricate 3 single crowns for a patient who exhibited nocturnal bruxism and clenching and refused to use an occlusal appliance. At a 20-month clinical follow-up, the crown restorations were found to have good retention and appearance, and there was no sign of microleakage or wear.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):37-40.

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  • Orofacial Pain Phantom bite: a real or a phantom diagnosis? A case report

    Ben A. Sutter

    A patient was treated with computer-guided occlusal therapy after being diagnosed with phantom bite of at least 10 years’ duration. Digital occlusal analysis was used to evaluate the occlusion and guide changes. After disclusion times were shortened and an occlusal force imbalance was corrected, the patient reported that her occlusion felt normal.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):41-46.

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    Fixed Prosthodontics Review of techniques for the intact removal of a permanently cemented restoration

    Salwa Omar Bajunaid

    This literature review explores techniques for the intact removal of permanently cemented restorations.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):48-53.

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    Self-Instruction Exercise No. 409
  • Restorative Dentistry The compression dome concept: the restorative implications

    Graeme Milicich

    A greater understanding of the microanatomy of tooth structure, including the concept of the enamel as a compression dome, has led to a revolution in dentistry known by several names: microdentistry, minimally invasive dentistry, biomimetic dentistry, and bioemulation dentistry. When applied together with modern materials and adhesive dentistry, these anatomical principles will allow dentists to repair a compromised compression dome so that it more closely replicates the structure of the healthy tooth.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):55-60.

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  • Pediatric Dentistry Double mesiodens: a review and report of 2 cases

    Amrita Sujlana
    Parampreet Pannu
    Japneet Bhangu

    Mesiodentes are the most frequently encountered supernumerary teeth. This article discusses 2 cases of double mesiodens with varying presentations. Literature related to the etiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management of mesiodentes is reviewed.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):61-65.

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    Basic Science What every dentist should know about statins

    Lara M. Seidman
    Mary Beth Aichelmann-Reidy
    Nasir Bashirelahi

    Statins are well known for their ability to combat cardiovascular disease. There is new evidence that statins can influence a variety of cellular pathways, suggesting that their benefits may extend beyond lowering cholesterol. This review will explore potential new therapeutic roles for statins in medical and dental settings.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):66-69.

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    Self-Instruction Exercise No. 410
  • Pediatric Dentistry Prosthetic rehabilitation in a pediatric patient with hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia: a case report

    Luís Eduardo Lavigne Paranhos Quintanilha
    Luís Eduardo Carneiro-Campos
    Lívia Azeredo Alves Antunes
    Leonardo Santos Antunes
    Claudio Pinheiro Fernandes
    Fernanda Volpe Abreu

    Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED), an ectodermal disease with a systemic expression, commonly includes dental abnormalities such as hypodontia. This case report describes a simplified 4-session technique used to fabricate complete dentures for a 4-year-old boy with HED.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):72-76.

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  • Pediatric Dentistry Use of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy for treatment of deep caries in the primary dentition: a step-by-step technique report

    Pâmela Oliveira Ornellas
    Natalia Lopes Pontes Iorio
    Karla Bianca Fernandes da Costa Fontes
    Leonardo Santos Antunes
    Lívia Azeredo Alves Antunes

    This case report describes the use of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy as a coadjuvant in the treatment of deep caries in a primary molar. This treatment reduces microorganisms in the dentin and facilitates preservation of pulpal vitality.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):e1-e4.

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  • Esthetics/Cosmetic Dentistry Effect of bleaching on color stability and roughness of composite resins aged in staining beverage

    Camila da Silva Rodrigues
    Lisandra Rossato Mozzaquatro
    Bárbara Dala Nora
    Letícia Borges Jacques
    André Mallmann

    Staining susceptibility and surface roughness changes were evaluated in microhybrid and nanofilled composite resins after application of bleaching peroxides and storage in deionized water or red wine. Bleaching agents did not significantly change the color or roughness of the composite resins used in this study.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):e5-e10.

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  • Restorative Dentistry Noninvasive approach to esthetic rehabilitation of conoid anterior teeth

    Monique Solon-de-Mello
    Renata P.M.V.L. Milioni
    Gustavo O. dos Santos
    Leandro Martins
    Raphael V. Monte Alto

    Anomalies of shape, color, or size, or positioning of the teeth may interfere with smile esthetics. This case report presents a step-by-step description of the technique used to fabricate esthetic restorations for conoid maxillary lateral incisors with a minimum of dental preparation.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):e12-e16.

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  • Basic Science Influence of custom adaptation on the characteristics of fiber posts

    Ana Regina Cervantes Dias
    Marcos de Oliveira Barceleiro
    Katia Regina Hostílio Cervantes Dias
    Mauro Sayão de Miranda

    In this in vitro study, 3 experiments were conducted to evaluate the influence of customizing the apical portion on the characteristics of fiber posts. Custom adaptation of fiber posts reduced their flexural strength, which remained at acceptable values. Teeth restored with customized fiber posts had greater fracture strength than those restored with intact posts, suggesting that post remodeling is a safe way to improve adaptation.

    2017 September/October; 65(5):e17-e22.

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