AGD Installs Kimberly Wright, DMD, MAGD, as Secretary

  • by AGD Staff
  • Nov 12, 2023

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) installed Kimberly R. Wright, DMD, MAGD, as its new secretary during its annual meeting on Nov. 12, 2023, in Chicago. Wright has served AGD and organized dentistry in many capacities since becoming a member and is a recognized leader in dentistry.

“As a result of my long-standing love of AGD and what it represents, I’ve decided it’s time to step forward and serve in a greater capacity,” said Wright. “As AGD secretary, I’ll ensure that the interests of the AGD constituencies and members are represented.”

Wright became involved in organized dentistry as a dental student in the mid-1980s. After receiving her license, she joined the Oregon Dental Association (ODA) component and helped reinvigorate its membership. Shortly after that, she was invited to serve as an ODA trustee.

Actively participating in many Oregon AGD study clubs, Wright’s passion for continuing dental education and improving the profession led to additional service through the Oregon AGD board.

“It’s here where my most passionate journey in organized dentistry began,” said Wright.

As an AGD member, Wright has served on numerous AGD councils, committees and task forces. During her tenure on the Dental Education Council, her experience and exper­tise in CE development were tapped to simplify the AGD subject codes. Today, this saves time for AGD staff because they previously fielded daily calls from CE organizers asking the same question As PACE chair, Wright led a joint-council task force that drafted the MasterTrack Directors Manual, the guide that helps constituencies implement MasterTrack programs and which remains in use today. Currently, Wright serves on the AGD Budget and Finance Committee. This appointment expands her knowledge of AGD as well as the financial health of the organization. Organizational fiscal literacy is a key requisite for all members of the board.

Wright is devoted to continuing education (CE) and has served in many capacities with the Oregon AGD occupying or chairing several positions and committees. She is extremely passionate about her involvement in what has become the Oregon AGD education facility and its training programs. Along with a small, committed group, Wright helped raise $1 mil­lion in donations and another $1 million worth of donated equipment for the 7,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, which opened in 2019.

Wright is married to Dr. Noel Tenoso, a private practice physical therapist. They have two adult daughters.

About the AGD

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