Academy of General Dentistry Supports full Repeal of Medical Device Excise Tax

  • by AGD Staff
  • Jun 26, 2019

Imposed tax could increase dental care costs by $160 million

Chicago, IL (06.26.2019) — The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), along with the Organized Dentistry Coalition (ODC), today announced that it recommends the full repeal of the medical device excise tax and urges the Senate Finance Committee to move promptly to consider legislation that includes repeal. AGD leaders submitted a statement of recommendation to the Senate Finance Committee’s Health Task Force to address ongoing efforts to develop long-term solutions to temporary tax policies. 
In its letter of recommendation, AGD is urging Congress to support the Protect Medical Innovation Act of 2019 and call for a full repeal of the medical device tax. The tax has been in suspension for four years and has not had any negative impact on the overall revenue and fiscal strength of the Affordable Care Act. However, if the 2.3% tax is imposed, AGD is concerned about the adverse impact it will have on manufacturers, importers and producers of certain dental devices that will likely pass that fiscal burden on to dental providers and their patients. It has been estimated that an imposed medical device excise tax could increase the cost of dental care by more than $160 million annually. 

In addition, AGD is concerned that: 

  • An increase in the cost of oral healthcare as a result of the excise tax on medicaldevices, including dental and orthodontic devices, will have a negative impact on the access to oral healthcare services. 
  • The excise tax will negatively impact dental professionals who operate solo and small group practices. The medical device tax would not afford this population of dentists the opportunity to operate more advanced devices, which could pose a hazard to patients.

Therefore, AGD, in solidarity with other dental and medical organizations push for a full repeal of the medical device excise tax.

For more information, to read AGD’s comments, or for other questions about AGD and the medical device excise tax,please contact MichaelToner,, or call 312.440.4307. For media inquiries, please contact Nakea Barksdale,, 312.440.4346.

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