Frequently Asked Question

This set of frequently asked questions aims to provide clarity on key aspects of AGD’s Project Governance, a process that is vital to our organization so that we can better understand our governance structures, practices, and policies. The goal is to ensure they align with their mission and contribute to their overall effectiveness.

What is a governance review process?

When an association undergoes a governance review process, it means that the organization is evaluating and potentially revising its governance structure, policies, and practices. Governance refers to the framework of rules, relationships, systems, and processes by which an organization is directed and controlled. The purpose of a governance review is to ensure that the association's governance practices align with its mission, goals, and best practices.

Who typically conducts a governance review?

A governance review is often conducted by an external consultant for this purpose. Hiring a consultant to lead this process can provide several valuable benefits, including objective perspectives, expertise and experience, benchmarking, facilitation skills, opportunity to customize solutions, implementation support, as well confidentiality and impartiality.

Leaders, volunteers, members and staff all play a key role in this process too.

What aspects of governance are usually examined during a review?

Various aspects of how the organization operates as well as its decision-making processes, roles and responsibilities, communications, etc. are all reviewed. This is an opportunity for members and the association’s leadership to determine if its operations support its goals appropriately.

How often should an association conduct a governance review?

It is really up to the association but every organization should evaluate whether they are operating effectively and using its resources effectively to support the organization’s mission, vision and values.

What are the potential benefits of a governance review?

A governance review process can offer several benefits to an organization, helping it operate more effectively, transparently, and in alignment with its mission and goals.

How long does a governance review typically take?

We anticipate presenting models created by members and AGD leaders to the AGD House of Delegates in November 2024.

Who is involved in the governance review process?

This process includes various levels of input as well as planning sessions to consider, evaluate and explore ways to make sure the organization is operating effectively.

How are AGD members involved in the review process?

It is important that AGD members share their insights and experience. Every member is invited to be part of the process, including completing surveys, participating in the remodeling summit or evaluating proposed models and modifications. We have sent invitations through email and reminders via newsletters and on social media in the past and will continue to do so. Please watch for invitations and opportunities to get involved.

What role does the Board play in the governance review?

AGD’s Board has been involved in this process, including selection of the consulting firm, review of initial findings from interviews and the virtual town hall sessions. They will continue to stay apprised of the process so that they can communicate with AGD members who they represent.

What changes might result from a governance review?

Changes from a governance review process can vary depending on the specific findings, goals, and outcomes of the process conducted through AGD members. Any specific changes will depend on the unique circumstances and goals as determined by members who take advantage of the opportunities to participate.

The implementation of recommendations should be done thoughtfully, with consideration for AGD’s culture, mission, and the potential impact on members and the profession AGD represents. Communication and collaboration among all individuals involved are key to successfully implementing changes resulting from a governance review.