What will be required of me if I am appointed to a council or committee?
As a member of a council or committee, you will be asked to be an active participant in that group’s activities, including attending meetings, responding to discussions and lending your input and insight into the area of oversight.

How often are calls scheduled for the councils?
Calls and online meetings vary by council and committee, however they can be as frequent as weekly and monthly or periodically as determined by the responsibilities. 

What is the financial expectation when participating on a council or committee?
AGD will reimburse you for your travel expenses during travel for AGD council or committee meetings. You will also receive a per diem to cover other daily activities. 

How often do I need to travel?
Most councils meet twice a year. You may be asked to travel to a different site based on other AGD activities or planning that requires specific onsite participation.

How much work outside of meetings is involved with committee or council appointments?
AGD is an organization for general dentists led by general dentists. That is why we rely so heavily on our leaders providing their insights, knowledge and expertise to make sure we provide education and support that benefits other general dentists. We can’t do this without you.

Serving as a member of an AGD council will require you to do work that supports AGD activities. Some members are required to review applications, tests, budgets, speakers, design materials, etc. This varies by council or committee, and we have tried to identify activities that will require more work. 

What happens after I've submitted my applications? AGD's leadership will review the applications submitted to assess the interest and needs of the committees, and begin developing a complete roster of appointments. This process will be finalized in the fall, and all applicants will be notified at that time. Appointments will begin following the AGD Annual Meeting. Please don't hesitate to contact AGD should you have any questions.

See Leadership Opportunities to get additional information on the commitment level.