You Probably Have No Idea How Much Your Practice Is Worth

  • by Brian Hanks, MBA, CFP
  • Jun 14, 2021
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7-14-21_Finance_AToo many dentists are falling victim to the “average value trap” lately. Whether they are approaching retirement or buying a practice, many dentists are making assumptions about their practice’s value that aren’t true. Let me help you avoid this all-too-common mistake. 

The average sales price is like a signpost at the beginning of a hike — it tells you something about the path you’re on, but it won’t help you much once you start walking. Knowing the nationwide average gives you a little bit of information up front, but it won’t tell you anything about the price of a practice you’re involved with. 

If you work with a qualified broker or practice valuator, you’ll find that there are some genuinely meaningful numbers and other factors that can help a dentist understand the true value of a practice. What is the practice’s overhead? How new is the equipment? What is the clinical focus? What is its geographical location? What is the active patient count? 


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Brian Hanks, MBA, CFP, is a dental accountant, author of “How to Buy a Dental Practice” and host of the “Practice Purchased” podcast. He also represents buyers in dental transitions nationwide. To comment on this article, email