AGD Governance Review Update

  • by AGD Staff
  • Nov 6, 2023
9-11-23_Governance_AAGD’s governance framework and procedures are under a thorough and comprehensive review, and this assessment will provide insight into how our organization’s governance aligns with current best practices. It will help AGD determine the structure and processes that will be effective in supporting the organization’s mission and fostering active participation from leaders and members.

Since the project started earlier this year, AGD has conducted a series of member interviews and recently hosted a series of virtual town hall meetings to understand some of the needs and interests of the membership. This week, AGD delegates will have an opportunity to review these steps to date and learn a bit more about the process over the coming year during the town hall session at the annual meeting of AGD’s House of Delegates (HOD), which will take place Friday, Nov. 10, through Sunday, Nov. 12.

AGD wants to ensure that significant input from members is provided so that the organization is moving in an appropriate direction for those it serves. These procedures will allow time for discovery and review throughout. Final concepts and models will be reviewed by AGD’s Executive Committee, Board and HOD, which will make the final decisions.

More information will be provided over the coming months. Watch for ongoing updates, and submit any questions to