AGD2023 e-Poster Submissions 

The deadline to submit your e-Poster is now Friday, April 21, 2023, at 11:59pm CDT.

e-Poster Presentations

The call for abstracts for e-Posters are open to interested students (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, post-doctoral), residents and recent graduates. e-Poster presentations should be four to six minutes in length and based on focused research in clinical health-related dentistry. Presentation topics may include scientific research, a case study on clinical innovation or a systemic literature review. These presentations may have been previously published. e-Poster speakers do not receive an honorarium nor are reimbursed for any travel/hotel expenses. 

Submission of an abstract proposal does not guarantee acceptance to the AGD2023 program. All abstract proposals are reviewed by the Scientific Meeting Council, based on clarity of the description, learning objectives, creativity of proposed topic/case, and its significance to general dentistry. Incomplete proposals will not be accepted. Formal notification of selection will occur after the SMC has reviewed all completed submissions.

Speakers chosen will be required to submit their final presentation (PowerPoint or compatible format) including any clinical photos or video clips to AGD no later than June 30, 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Prizes and Judging

How are the e-Poster prizes awarded?
Is there any financial honorarium or reimbursement/expense assistance provided for selected e-Poster presenters at the AGD2023 Scientific Session?
When are the winners announced?
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