AGD Foundation Highlights at AGD2021

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) Foundation, the philanthropic arm of AGD, is committed to raising awareness of oral cancer, educating about risk factors and prevention, and passionately supporting the general dentist as the public’s first line of defense against this deadly disease. Dentists can often detect oral cancer in its early stages, which is why the dental community holds responsibility for raising awareness of this disease and overall oral health in both patients and the general public. 

Our ultimate vision is to prevent oral cancer and its recurrence. Through our offerings at AGD2021, such as oral cancer screenings, awareness programs and spotlighting our annual grant program, we are actively working towards this goal.  Support our mission at AGD2021 by getting an oral screening to raise awareness, bidding on the 2021 Electronic Auction, and stopping by the New Dentist Lounge to take an “Oral Cancer Screenings Saves Lives” selfie.

Stop By For a Free Oral Cancer Screening

To raise awareness of oral cancer, the AGD Foundation will host free oral cancer screenings for registered AGD2021 attendees, exhibitors and employees of the Fairmont Austin Hotel. Take advantage of this opportunity to help protect your health. Five minutes could save your life.

A screening takes less than five minutes. Screenings may help prevent oral cancer through early detection and referral for suspicious lesions.  AGD2021 attendees may reserve their time slot now or stop by our booth, #115, to be screened as a walk-in. Fairmont Austin Hotel employees can reserve their time slot now or stop by the sixth floor of the hotel to be screened as a walk-in.

Oral cancer is the sixth most common form of cancer worldwide, with more than 53,000 Americans expected to be diagnosed this year alone. The disease is particularly dangerous because it can go unnoticed in its preliminary stages. Early detection is key, and, in many cases, a dentist is the first healthcare provider to identify early signs and symptoms.

Support Oral Cancer Early Detection and Awareness. Participate in the Silent Auction Fundraiser!

A major part of our fundraising efforts includes the AGD Foundation Electronic Silent Auction Fundraiser. The electronic silent auction will be open 24/7 via smartphones to AGD’s 40,000 members, as well as to their families and friends. Several auction items will be displayed onsite at AGD2021.  

Use your smartphone, iPad, or laptop to bid on hotel getaway packages, state-of-the-art dental equipment and dental instruments, CE courses, artwork, jewelry, and more.  The auction will close Saturday, June 12, at 8 p.m. CDT. 

The electronic format, provided by GiveSmart, allows participants to bid using their smartphones. This is not an app, so you don’t have to download anything to your phone. 

To register and bid in the auction:

  • Text the word AGDFoundation to 76278 
  • Follow the registration prompts
  • Once complete, click the auction link you receive
  • Begin Bidding

NOTE: The GiveSmart system pre populates the next minimum bid, so all you have to do is push “Bid.” Once you place a bid, you will receive notifications when you are outbid by competitors. If you’d like to go higher, enter a new amount and push “Bid.”

To have the GiveSmart system automatically bid a designated amount for you, select “Auto Bid,” and enter a higher amount. The system will bid for you incrementally up until your designated amount only if someone bids against you. You can also click on the “My Activity” button to view your status at any time. All auction items appear online with full-color photos and detailed descriptions. In addition, some auction items will be displayed on site for viewing.

Winning bidders will receive notifications at the close of the auction. Items will be shipped directly to winners in early August.

Cool Off in the New Dentist Lounge

AGD’s New Dentist Lounge will feature free refreshments, oral cancer awareness posters, and a selfie station for new dentists and students. Snap a photo using our “Oral Cancer Screenings Save Lives” selfie frame, and post it to AGD’s social media to be entered to win a Foundation gift certificate for AGD2022!

Visit the Lounge on June 10, 11:30am-4pm, June 11, 9am-4pm, and June 12, 9am-12pm.

Learn About Our Grant Program

The AGD Foundation grant program offers financial support to AGD constituents and not-for-profit community-based and community-driven outreach programs that promote oral cancer prevention and education with a focus on raising awareness.

In 2019, a total of $20,400 in grant funding was awarded to the following organizations in their support of their oral cancer awareness initiatives:

Illinois AGD
Iowa AGD
New York AGD
UAB School of Dentistry Student Chapter
Washington AGD

Grant applications for the 2022 funding cycle will be available in Fall 2021 and announced in AGD electronic publications.

AGD constituents are encouraged to visit the AGD Foundation Booth, #115, to learn more about the grant program. 

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The AGD Foundation is grateful for the following corporate donors for their support.


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