AGD Foundation

AGD Foundation Highlights at AGD2020

The AGD Foundation has committed to raising awareness of oral cancer, risk factor prevention, and supporting the general dentist as the public’s first line of defense against this deadly disease. Early detection is key. Because dentists often can detect the disease in its early stages, the dental community is positioned to serve as the first line of defense against oral cancer.


Oral Cancer Screenings

As dental health professionals, we have an opportunity and responsibility to play an active role in educating our patients and the public about oral cancer prevention and screening.  Free oral cancer screenings will be offered to the public at AGD2020.


Grant Program
The grant program offers financial support to community-based and community-driven outreach programs that provide quality oral health care, as well as oral cancer screenings and education for under-served populations.  AGD constituents are encouraged to visit the AGD Foundation Booth to learn about the grant program.


Electronic Silent Auction Fundraiser

A major part of our fundraising efforts includes the AGD Foundation Electronic Silent Auction Fundraiser. Use your smartphone, iPad, or laptop to bid on hotel getaway packages, state-of-the-art dental equipment and dental instruments, CE courses, artwork, jewelry, and more.