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Endodontic Mastership Lecture and Hands-On Program

This Mastership three-day lecture and hands-on program will provide detailed methods to improve clinical patient care and will demonstrate how endodontic therapy can be precise, predictable, productive, and, most importantly, enjoyable! Register Now!

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Infection Control, Pain Management, and Risk Management

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Dr. Michael Melkers, “Function, Parafunction, & What the Function! Forces That Threaten Our Success”

Feb. 11, 2021 at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Course Description:

Do you feel anxious and scared walking into your clinic wondering if you are going to perform your restorations successfully? Do you worry that your restorations are going to fail? Will the crown fit? Is it going to work? How much adjustment will be required? And then, do you beat yourself up thinking about what your patient thinks of you? Do you worry about how they feel when they leave your operatory? This class from Dr Michael Melkers will demystify occlusion and help you manage the destructive forces that threaten your restorative success making you feel more confident when you walk into your clinic each day. 


  •  The destructive forces that threaten the restorative success
  • How to realistically manage those forces
  • The balance between function, parafunction, and aesthetics
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