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Dr. John Frachella, “Update on SDF, Medical Management of Caries, and Minimal Invasion Dentistry”

Dec. 14, 2020 at 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Course Description:

  • Determine treatment options that simultaneously provide caries control and prevention.
  • Choose the proper materials with the best anti-bacterial and re-mineralizing properties for adults and kids.
  • Use combination therapy in definitive (not interim) treatments that are also highly preventive in nature.


  • Short review of what SDF is and what it does.
  • New evidence on better ways to apply SDF to lesions with and without glass ionomer.
  • Better, safer, non-aerosol ways to remove soft decay.
  • How to insure long-term retention of glass ionomers.
  • How to provide SMART safely without aerosol.
  • Codes and billing for Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID) combined with the Medical Management of Caries (MMC).
  • Percent effectiveness plus time/cost analyses of MID and MMC protocols.
  • Strip crowns and Hall crowns with no aerosol.
  • Glass ionomer sealants - why they provide a higher standard for you and your patients.
  • How to safely and effectively manage caries during COVID.

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