Residency Programs

After eight years of higher education, many graduates are ready to jump into practice. However, spending one or two years in an advanced education in general dentistry (AEGD) or a general practice residency (GPR) program may be beneficial.  

Completing a residency program after graduation has the added benefit of earning AGD Fellowship credit! For more details on how this works, read the postgraduate education section of our Fellowship Award Guidelines.

Residency Resources

In a few states, completion of a residency program is required for licensure. In others, finishing an AEGD or GPR results in automatic licensure. See what your state requires.

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"Continuing my education post dental school has been very important to me. I completed a General Practice Residency to be more comfortable with all aspects of general dentistry and continuing learning after dental school."

Alexandra Barton Otto, DDS
Eagle River, AK
AGD member since 2011

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