AGD supports excellence in general dentistry and the pursuit of professional development through lifelong learning. We have developed policies that serve the needs and represent the interests of general dentists; promote oral health to the public; and foster continued proficiency of general dentistry in order to better serve the public. 

The following policies serve to provide structure and consensus about the intended behaviors and actions AGD supports.

State Issues

Oct 26, 2017, 13:16 PM

Guidelines for dealing with state legislation

The Academy of General Dentistry uses the following guidelines in dealing with members requesting AGD action on legislation being proposed in their state or when lobbying on an issue is deemed appropriate by the AGD:

  1. Members have the right to know existing policies.
  2. The AGD shall make a reasonable effort to work with the constituent prior to undertaking any legislative activity.
  3. The AGD may intervene in the legislative affairs of a state or province with the oversight of the Executive Committee and the LGA Council.
  4. Members requesting support from the AGD for a legislative position may be asked to work through their constituent.
  5. Constituent secretaries/executive directors and Trustees will be provided with copies of AGD correspondence with their members regarding concerns about legislative issues being considered.
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