AGD supports excellence in general dentistry and the pursuit of professional development through lifelong learning. We have developed policies that serve the needs and represent the interests of general dentists; promote oral health to the public; and foster continued proficiency of general dentistry in order to better serve the public. 

The following policies serve to provide structure and consensus about the intended behaviors and actions AGD supports.

Military Dentistry

Oct 26, 2017, 13:15 PM

Benefits for military personnel and their dependents

The AGD supports the concept of enhancing the benefits offered to individuals serving in the military by providing dental services for their dependents.

That these dental services shall be provided by the private sector where possible.

The AGD works to have provisions under which these services are to be provided conform to AGD policy.

Salary reimbursement for military dentists

AGD recognizes that factors such as the following items should be taken into consideration in the salary reimbursement for federal service dentists:

  • the amount of education acquired by the dentist
  • the proficiency of the dentist
  • the level of experience of the dentist and the individual's ability to handle the more complex dental procedures in a competent manner
  • status, rank, or duties within the group
  • tenure
  • the cost of living in one geographical area as opposed to another.

The salaries for physicians and dentists in the Federal Services should be determined by the following factors:

  1. The scope of responsibility which may be determined by rank, title, etc.
  2. The degree of education which may include specialty training, general practice residencies, advanced educational programs in general dentistry, passage of a certifying board, etc.
  3. A relationship with the remuneration generally earned by that profession within the practicing civilian sector.
  4. Length of service.

Military dentists, special pay and incentives for

The Academy of General Dentistry requests immediate action to stem the exodus of current military dental officers and assure a continuing supply of quality accessions.

The AGD favors increasing additional special pay, establishing incentive pay for dentists, and increasing Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) scholarship funding.

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