AGD supports excellence in general dentistry and the pursuit of professional development through lifelong learning. We have developed policies that serve the needs and represent the interests of general dentists; promote oral health to the public; and foster continued proficiency of general dentistry in order to better serve the public. 

The following policies serve to provide structure and consensus about the intended behaviors and actions AGD supports.

Dental Education

Oct 26, 2017, 13:15 PM
Deduction of interest paid on student loans

The Academy of General Dentistry supports efforts to restore the full deduction of interest paid on student loans regardless of income.

Dental schools, support state funding for

The AGD recognizes the need for adequate funding to enable dental schools to provide a proper dental education, but at the same time, AGD encourages dental schools to seek state and/or private support in lieu of federal capitation funding.

The AGD supports the concept of using state funds to assist in maintaining and operating the physical facilities of existing dental schools.

Formal academic process leading to a degree or certificate

The AGD endorses the concept of a formal academic process of structured, sequential continued or post doctoral education, earned through universities or academically accredited teaching institutions over an extended amount of time, which lead to a degree or a certificate.

Four year curriculum, support of

The AGD expresses its concern with the dilution and shortening of dental school programs for purpose such as the receiving of federal capitation grants.

The AGD supports a minimum of a four year approved curriculum to achieve a dental degree.


In states where laws are already in effect which mandate involvement in continuing education as a condition of dental licensure and/or dental license renewal, AGD's constituent AGD in that state's jurisdiction work with the state board of dental examiners and other appropriate dental agencies to protect the interests of AGD members in that state as mechanisms for enforcement and administration of that requirement are developed and implemented.

The Academy of General Dentistry encourages its constituent academies to work with state or provincial boards of dental examiners, state legislatures, or regulatory bodies in implementing the following provisions for mandatory continuing dental education when legislation or regulations are under consideration in their states or provinces:

  1. acceptance of program providers approved by the AGD’s Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) Program and the ADA Continuing Dental Education Recognition Program;
  2. the acceptability of self-instruction programming;
  3. acceptance of the AGD member printout as one form of documentation of the requirement;
  4. acceptance of courses relative to the access and delivery of dental care.
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