Infection Control Information

Infection Control: According to the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP), a dental association that advocates for infection-free oral healthcare, the Center for Disease Control recognizes that healthcare facilities may experience temporary shortages of face masks even if they do not care for patients with COVID-19. “If your facility is concerned about a potential or imminent shortage of PPE, CDC recommends you alert your state/local health department and local healthcare coalition, as they are best positioned to help facilities troubleshoot through temporary shortages. Dental health professionals concerned about healthcare supply for personal protective equipment (PPE) should monitor Healthcare Supply of Personal Protective Equipment for updated guidance and be familiar with the Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations.”

Recommendations from Larry Williams, DDS, ABGD, MAGD

  • Discuss the current COVID-19 outbreak with your staff. Develop a consistent message that the patient’s well-being is the practice’s No. 1 consideration and that the use of standard precautions keeps everyone safe. You can also find resources on the websites of the OSAP and the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Review the CDC’s standard precaution guidelines with your staff, and make sure that they are being followed.
  • Let your patients know that you are practicing these precautions as a routine part of your practice and that your precautions are in compliance with CDC guidelines.
  • Download the free public health posters and leaflets offered by the CDC and WHO, and share them with your patients. Among the relevant topics are hand-washing (CDC,  WHO) and influenza.