Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry 

One option dentists can take for postgraduate training is to complete a fellowship program. These are non-degree programs that provide dentists with more hands-on experience in their chosen field, or a particular aspect of it, such as implants, allowing dentists the chance to conduct research projects approved by the organization granting the fellowship.

AGD offers its own opportunity to become distinguished as a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry through our FAGD program.

Getting Fellowship Credits

Members earn credits towards achieving FAGD status by taking PACE- or CERP-approved continuing education (CE) courses. AGD offers CE online, locally and at national events. Learn more about student CE requirements.

You can also earn credit by completing a residency program after graduation. If you’ve completed a residency program within the last four years, make sure to apply those hours toward AGD Fellowship as soon as possible. Waiting too long will depreciate the potential amount of credits you could earn. For more details on how this works, read the postgraduate education section of our Fellowship Award Guidelines.

“My motivation for earning my Fellowship is knowing I set a goal and achieved it toward becoming the best dentist I can be.”

Kallie L. Brock, DMD
Marietta, GA
AGD member since 2010

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