AGD2021 e-Poster Frequently Asked Questions


Who should submit the abstract for e-Poster? 
The call for abstracts is open to interested students (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, postdoctoral), residents, and recent graduates to submit research, case presentations, and/or literature reviews. No individual should be first author on more than one abstract.
Student authors should submit their e-poster on their own. Professors, mentors, or colleagues should not be the individuals submitting the e-poster.

What is the fee for submitting an abstract for e-Poster?
There is no fee for abstract submission.

What is the content of an abstract for e-Poster? 
Abstracts may be submitted on any aspect of clinical health-related dentistry and must be in one of the three following categories:

  • Scientific research, clinic research
    • Consists of scientific design, literature based foundation, material/method, result with statistical analysis, discussion and conclusion 
  • Case studies, clinical innovation
    • Consists of literature based foundation, material/method, discussion and conclusion
  • Systemic literature review. 
    • Consists of introduction, method (inclusion and exclusion criteria), result, discussion and conclusion

Abstracts may describe work that has been presented or will be submitted at other meetings.

What is the format to submit your abstract for e-Poster?
Abstracts should be submitted on-line and use the following instructions:

  • Limit an abstract to 300 words, excluding the title, by copying and pasting directly into the text box within the submission webpage. 
  • Do not include diagrams, illustrations, or other graphic objects in your abstract. Diagrams, illustrations or other graphic objects can be included in your e-Poster presentation.

Is it possible to submit my abstract via e-mail?
No, submissions via e-mail will not be accepted. The submission system ensures a secure process.

What is the deadline for submitting my e-Poster abstract?
April 10, 2021 11:59 PM CDT

Does submission of an abstract guarantee acceptance for e-Poster presentation?
Submitting an abstract for e-Poster does not guarantee acceptance. All abstract proposals are reviewed by the Scientific Meeting Council (SMC). Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Formal notification, via email, of selection will occur after all proposals have been reviewed by the Scientific Meeting Council.

How do I submit my e-poster?
Once your abstract has been accepted, you will receive an email with e-Poster format and submission instructions. If you have not received one or have accidentally deleted it, please contact our e-Poster partner SciGen at 
(include e-Poster details: e-Poster title, corresponding author, e-Poster or abstract code)

How many pages (slides) should the e-Poster be?
e-Poster submissions should be one page (slide) only.

These instructions for e-Poster are written for PowerPoint, but are applicable to any other software you may wish to use. Use PowerPoint 2007 or newer, and set the dimensions of your poster to: 140 cm (55 in) width x 70 cm (27.5 in) height, in landscape orientation.

What are the technical requirements of an e-poster?
Portable Document Format (PDF) is the accepted file type with following key advantages:

  • Ensures that any colleague of yours will be able to view your e-Poster both on a mobile device using a web browser, as well as on a printout, with excellent quality.
  • Minimizes any issues with the rendering of your e-Poster regardless of any symbols, fonts, colors and graphics you might have used.
  • Protects your work form being edited. 

I have completed the submission process. How do I know that my e-poster has been properly submitted?
Upon completion of your e-poster submission, you will receive a confirmation email with a reference number. 

How do I edit my e-poster, once submitted?
Please check the confirmation email you have received after submission. If you have not received one or have accidentally deleted it, please contact our e-poster partner SciGen at 
Please include e-Poster details including e-Poster title, corresponding author, or abstract code.


How do I present my e-poster for judging and live presentation, if my abstract is selected?
e-Poster presentations will be judged on May 17 through May 21, 2021. Presenters will be provided a specific, scheduled time to give the presentation. 

e-Poster presentations must be educational in nature, should contain no solicitation or sales of any type, and should be four to six minutes in length and will include a subsequent four minutes for Q&A. A maximum of two speakers are allowed per e-poster and all presenters must be present during the virtual judging and/or live presentation.

e-Poster presentations selected to present will be on Wednesday June 9, 2021 at 10:00AM – 3:00 PM. You will be provided a specific scheduled time to present your e-poster. 


How are the e-Poster prizes awarded?
One submission will be selected as the winner from each of these three categories: 

  • Scientific Research
  • Case Presentation
  • Literature Review

Each winner will receive a certificate and $600.

Is there any financial honorarium, reimbursement/expense assistance for selected e-Poster presenters at AGD2021 scientific session?
There is no honorarium or travel/hotel expense reimbursement paid to selected e-Poster presenters. As Student attendees, you receive complimentary meeting registration. Member Students are permitted to attend select complimentary lecture courses. Non-member student attendees must pay the course costs. To become a student member of AGD, click here.

Presenters will receive one complimentary AGD2021 meeting registration as an e-Poster presenter and two complimentary guest registrations which includes the Keynote Address to share with family, friends or colleagues.

As a finalist, your e-poster (abstract) title will be included in our on-site program book.

When are the winners announced?
e-Poster winners will be announced on Thursday, June 11, 4:30 pm CST during the AGD2021 Keynote Address. Presenters are allowed up to two guests to attend the award presentation.

Can more than one presenter per category receive the award at the award ceremony?
Yes, up to two presenters can received the award. However, prizes are not awarded individually and must be shared between both presenters.