The Heart of AGD

Established in 1972, the AGD Foundation aims to improve the oral health of the public and support the efforts of the general dentist and AGD.

Our primary focus is oral cancer awareness, risk factor prevention and diagnostic training for general dentists that uses the best technology.

General dentists are the first line of defense against oral cancer. You can help detect the disease in its early stages during routine dental visits, and by doing so, you increase the oral cancer survival rate.

Help us strengthen our profession’s role and AGD’s contribution in the fight against oral cancer. Make an impact by getting involved and donating to the AGD Foundation today.

For more information, contact the AGD Foundation at or call 888.243.3368, ext. 4329.

AGD Foundation Board of Directors

Linda J. Edgar, DDS, MEd, MAGD, President
W. Mark Donald, DMD, MAGD, Vice President 
A. Roddy Scarbrough, DMD, FAGD, Secretary and Treasurer
Valerie Bartoli, CDA
Susan Bordenave Bishop, DMD, MAGD
Douglas W. Bogan, DDS, FAGD
Ann Bruck, 3M Oral Care 
Abe Dyzenhaus, DDS, FAGD 
James R. Keenan, DDS, MS, MAGD 
John A. Kokai, DDS, MAGD
Dan Miller, Dentist’s Advantage
Carol A. Wooden, DDS, MAGD


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Every aspect of the AGD Foundation’s growth and outreach depends on donations from you. Your contribution will help support AGD Foundation outreach programs and improve access to care for those in need.

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