Donald Worm, DDS, MAGD, ABGD, Announces Bid for AGD Treasurer

Greetings Delegates! My name is Dr. Donald Worm and I’ve been an AGD member for over 32 years. With great honor and humility, I announce my campaign to be your next Treasurer of the Academy of General Dentistry. Many of you know me well, some know me by name, and many do not know me at all. Therefore, I’d like to use this email to introduce myself.

After graduation from dental school in 1988, I started my career as a Navy Dental Officer. My leadership assignments over the course of my 30-year career are highlighted here:

  • Division Officer onboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise CVN65
  • Director Navy AEGD-1 and Comprehensive Dentistry Residency Programs
  • Director Dental Services, Naval Health Clinic Annapolis, United States Naval Academy
  • Director of Navy Graduate Dental Education Programs
  • Head, Presidential Dental Support Team for President G. W. Bush
  • Deployed to Afghanistan to lead a team developing healthcare standards for the Afghan Army and Police hospital systems.
  • Managed budgets ranging from $75,000 to over $22 million

I’ve been a member of the Academy of General Dentistry since graduating from dental school and have had the honor to serve in many volunteer positions:

  • Navy Constituency Secretary, President-Elect, and President (2-year terms)
  • Regional Director, Region 17 Federal Services (3-year term)
  • Trustee, Region 17 Federal Services (3-year term)
  • President-Elect Maryland Constituent (1-year term)
  • Chair, Budget and Finance Committee (3 terms), Committee Member (9 terms)
  • Chair, Member Value Prioritization Task Force

Attached you’ll find my detailed curriculum vitae. This will give you the full picture of my leadership experience.

My leadership and financial management background gives me the qualifications needed to be the next Treasurer of the Academy of General Dentistry. If you have any questions, I encourage you to reach out by email:  I look forward to having your vote as the next Treasurer of the Academy of General Dentistry!

Best regards,

Donald Worm, DDS, MAGD, ABGD